GFWC/CT May Convention

General Federation of Women’s Clubs of  Connecticut, Inc.


, President

 MAY 14 & 15 2015
Holiday Inn Hotel, 100 East River Drive, East Hartford, CT 06108

  Community Service Program Awards & Reports                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  All chairmen are reminded to bring a written copy of their report to submit to the GFWC/CT Recording Secretary.

Voting Delegates: GFWC/CT Bylaws currently state delegates for the convention are based on dues paid as of April 15th– refer to Article IV, Section E of the Bylaws.

Memorial Service: Club presidents are asked to submit the names of members that have passed away since May 2013 to Millie Muir 286 Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull, CT 06611 –203-268-4891 or email –Please forward the names of members, the number of years member belonged to the club, the name of the club, club president name and contact information to Millie by May 9,2014.

Arthritis Links: Clubs are asked to bring their Arthritis Links to the registration desk.  The Links must be looped and connected before dropping them off.

Door Prizes: Board Members and Clubs are requested to bring a Door Prize with Club or individual name attached.  Additional door prizes will be appreciated from clubs with a large number of attendees.

 Rooms are available





** REGISTRATION DEADLINE Friday, May 10, 2014  – ONE FORM PER PERSON – Photocopies accepted **

 NAME______________________________________________  Phone_______________________ Email______________________________

CLUB______________________________________  Guest_________________________________________  District____________________

GFWC/CT Board Position______________________________________

Are you a  Club President { } Yes   { } No


REGISTRATION:               $5 for part of / or One Day                 $10 for Two Days of Conference                                      $________


Any person with food allergies or special needs please contact Maureen Fernandes:

TOTAL                   $__________


It would be appreciated if Clubs send all reservations at one time

Make check out for TOTAL payable to GFWC/CT and mail with this form to:






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